The world of Ionis has been ruled by dragons since time immemorial when the great draconic over-god, Io, forged the world and gave dominion of it to his children. The lesser races soon followed after; creations of Io’s fellow gods to serve the mighty beasts of Ionis for all time.

But war…Changed everything.

During the Dawn War, the over-god Io was split in twain to become two: Bahamut: The Lawbringer, God of justice, nobility, and honor. Tiamat: The Chromatic, God of wealth, greed, and envy. The splitting of the great god led to a division between the metallic and the chromatic dragons each dedicated to their respective new god. The great draconic civil war erupted and flight fought against flight for the glory of their gods and greater dominion over their world and it’s inhabitants. Several dragon flights perished in the ensuing conflict that lasted near to a century and those that remained were scattered and weak, no true victor emerged from the ashes of the war. With heavy hearts, Bahamut and Tiamat pooled their great divine power together to sunder the world of Ionis into 12 separate continents to be ruled by each remaining dragon flight. A magical barrier was erected at the borders of each continent to imprison the dragons in their respective domains to avert a second war. As a final gift to their children Bahamut and Tiamat forged a new race, the Dragonborn, who would act as vassals and emissaries for their respective dragon masters. Thus, the world of Ionis became divided, and peace reigned for centuries.

The lesser races of Ionis prospered after the sundering of the world. The Dragons assumed roles of authority and began to forge their new dominions and their new hordes. The powerful draconic magics of the world were tapped into by the other races and society and civilization began to advance by leaps and bounds. Great, magically powered machines paved the way for the future and advancements were made in science, agriculture, industry, and transportation. The iron-fisted rule of the dragons kept society in check however, and ultimately, the lesser races became stymied under the shadows of their dragon lords.

With the advancement of civilization came new needs for more resources, and with the desires of further advancement by the lesser races came whispers of revolution. The heavy use of magic throughout the years has taken a heavy toll on the dragon gods’ magical barrier, and now the ever weakening barriers are dying like the last embers of a fire. Rumors of a world war has come, and the dragons are now poised to fight to the last to see which remaining flight will truly rule over the scattered world of Ionis; at any cost.

With the war now at the brink of fruition, the lesser races begin the whispers of usurping and taking control of the world they believe was forged through THEIR efforts, and not their dragon masters. Even now, the war overshadows a possibly greater and unknown threat that is slowly rising to the surface to make itself known. The past and the present will join together to sow the seeds of destruction upon Ionis and destroy its future. Unless the lesser races can unite and finally escape…

…From beneath the shadows of dragons…

Beneath the Shadows of Dragons

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