Beneath the Shadows of Dragons

Fallen Saint

Having finished off Urwol in the forge, the party moved forward into the Saint workshop where they bypassed a pair of angry yeti guards in the mess hall. Hoping to achieve victory through subterfuge, Shroud disguised himself as Urwol and attempted to fool a contingent of Nicholas Saint’s elves. The plan was going swimmingly until the ruse was seen through after the party inadvertently set off a trap in the courtyard outside of the main laboratory. The Saint elves moved into the courtyard and engaged the party in battle, but the party (and the many trapped pressure plates strewn about the courtyard) proved to be more than the poorly trained elves could handle.
Nicholas Saint furiously worked on what appeared to be a massive golem in his darkened laboratory. Both the party and Nicholas’ own son Christoph tried to reason with him, but the apparent madness and fear stricken paranoia that had taken over Saint’s mind was too great. The final piece of Nicholas’s “ultimate weapon” was a malevolent object that pulsed with evil magic: the heart of an elemental dragon. Nicholas revealed that he was contacted by a mysterious man he called Kalgore who had given him irrefutable proof that the world was soon to come to an end at the hands of the resurrected elemental dragons (primordial creations that warred with Io’s dragons during the dawn war and had supposedly been eradicated). The party tried to stop the activation of the golem, but Saint had an escape plan prepared and got away to an underground area where he completed the installation of the elemental heart and manned the golem from the inside and fought the party. The golem was strong but, against the combined might of the party, fell short of expectation as Saint’s ultimate weapon.
Saint was desperate to survive and in a last ditch effort, took out of vial that contained what Garel identified as dragon blood. Nicholas swallowed down the blood and took the elemental heart in hand. The heart began to sink into his body and fused with him, transforming him into the first elemental dragon, a blazewyrm, that Ionis had seen in over a millennium. As the newly transformed dragon began to stalk the party, the true genius of the golem came to life as a self repair sequence started and the golem also began to transform and evolve into a more advanced and deadlier form. The party now faced the duo of the transformed Nicholas Saint and the now fully repaired golem. The blazewyrm’s power allowed it to create fire elementals that joined in the fight against the party and it scorched the room from corner to corner. The combination of two powerful enemies was the first real challenge the party had encountered since their fight with Szartharax in the mines. Perseverance and superior tactics, however, were what led to the downfall of the golem and dragon. Before the golem could repair again, Christoph removed the special component that his father created to give the golem it’s self repair and adaptation ability and silenced the creation for good. Christoph mourned the loss of his father and had him buried at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean, he recounted in his eulogy how his father used to call him Santa because of a misspelling on his birth certificate, and felt that it would be a fitting name to take in honor of his father. Saint’s Day was renamed Christmas and the work to rebuild the workshop and honor of his family’s legacy began. With no more business at Santa’s workshop, the party retired back to Jonathan Salesgold’s mansion and planned to meet with Silvara, the queen of the Silver Dragon’s, the next day.



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