Beneath the Shadows of Dragons

The Saint's Day Massacre

Oh the Ho, Ho, Horror!!

With the young white dragon Szartharax defeated and the Xehanort mine cleared of the Skull-Kicker Kobolds, the party returned to the surface where they informed the mayor and the townspeople of the dragon and the immense treasure hoard below. The party and the townspeople celebrated their good fortune at the Rock Salt Inn with food and drink before a wagon filled with pipes and wood planks was presented as the agreed upon reward. The party ventured back to the beach and decided to make their way into the fishing town of Fishlic where they managed to haggle their way to several barrels of fish, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters for the Sevenfold. The party was soon joined by a new face, Orsik’s brother Waywind, who had followed Orsik’s trail in order to bring him back home. Orsik refused to return, citing that his mission was a divine calling of Moradin, Waywind acquiesced and agreed to join his brother on his quest. Upon returning to the Sevenfold, repairs were quickly made and the Sevenfold was airborne again the following morning and on its way toward the Silver dragon continent of Argentum. As the trip progressed, Captain Quark had decorations set out for the annual Saint’s Day celebration. Saint’s Day was a rather new holiday founded by Nicholas Saint, CEO of the Saint Corporation, a rival business of Jonathan Livingston Salesgold’s Goldenbird Industries. Nicholas Saint created Saint’s Day as a promotional stunt to boost sales by presenting gifts to the children of the world on one special day. Interested in meeting with Nicholas Saint, Jonathan agreed to take the party to Saint’s “Workshop” on the peak of the nearby mountain. The party settled into Jonathan’s Argentum estate (having an estate on EVERY continent), and the next, snowy, morning, the party took off up the mountain via horse-drawn sleigh. When they reached the Workshop they were greeted by a gruesome sight of dead elves and blood stained snow. Before Jonathan could enter into the Workshop, the party were attacked by four bloodthirsty Peryton, Nicholas’ deer-like pets that were normally docile and friendly. The party were forced to put down the Peryton and then entered into the Workshop; the inside was dark and foreboding, and when Jonathan found the lights, the found only more death and destruction inside the wrecked workshop. As the party continued into the workshop, they found a figure cowering under a mound of gift wrapping; the figure was in fact Christoph Saint, the son of Nicholas Saint. Christoph had survived the massacre of his father’s servants and told the party that his father had been slowly descending into madness over the year over a prophetic vision of doom. The Saint Corporation had abandoned it’s former ways to start up weapons manufacturing in order to combat the eventual doom that Nicholas foresaw. The party knew that Nicholas Saint was too far gone down the path of madness to be brought back and reluctantly told Christoph that his father must be put down. Christoph saw the reasoning in their decision and agreed that it was for the best and pointed out the way to his father. The next wing of the Workshop was a great forge were a Dwarf was busily at work creating weapons. When the party entered into the forge, Urwol, the master smith, hurled a mighty greatsword at the party and locked the doors as he called out a small band of goblins, elves, and three fire elementals that he pounded out from magically infused coals at his forge. A series of conveyor belts were activated that dumped all the garbage and rejected weapons into a pit of viscous acid, (a horrible reminder to the Battlehammer brothers of their past experiences on Stagnum.)



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