Beneath the Shadows of Dragons

The Siege

The party began their day with a trip to the capital of Argentum, Silverspire, where they would be granted an audience with the Silver Queen herself, Silvara. In the presence of a dragon lord, the tension felt by the party was palpable. Silvara, taking on the form of an Elf, tried to alleviate their fears, but to little avail. Having heard of the exploits of the party, now calling themselves, the Last Shot, Silvara implored them for their services in an urgent situation that was taking place in the eastern vale toward the mountains. Orc armies had begun a march through the mountain passes in an effort to overtake the Elsir Vale and initiate what would become the Second Age of Chains. The original Age of Chains was a time when Orcs ruled over the Elsir Vale and the Stonehome Mountains and all the inhabitants; mostly Elves and Dwarves, were their slaves.
Last Shot agreed to travel to the city of Overlook, where the main defensive forces were occupied, and help in repelling the Orc invaders. Last Shot bid a farewell to their friend Jonathan Livingston Salesgold, who had his business to attend to, and left immediately for the Elsir Vale, and the city of Overlook. In the shadow of the Stonehome Mountains, Last Shot were greeted by the Mayor of Overlook, Elder Cadrick. The situation was laid out and the mission was made clear for them, get into the Temple of Moradin in the mountains and stop any incursions by the Orcs. While in Overlook, Last Shot met another adventuring party of mercenaries, The Free Riders, led by the stoic Dwarven cleric, Ragnum Dourstone, who was once a citizen of Overlook. Ragnum gave Last Shot the tour of Overlook, and as night approached, he took them to one of Overlook’s finest inns, where the party feasted and rested comfortably before the mission that loomed ahead the next day.
At first light, Last Shot took off towards the Stonehome Mountains and began the arduous climb to the temple of Moradin. After a tussle with some highwaymen, Last Shot reunited with the Free Riders, who were on a mission of their own in the mountains. Ragnum gave Orsik one of his maps of the mountains to help them navigate to the temple, and wished them good luck and good fortune in their mission. When they finally arrived at the temple, they found that the Orcs had already laid siege to the grounds and executed all the clerics, priests, monks, and apprentices within; Orcs around large fires were eating Dwarf-flesh as it cooked over the flames. Last Shot rushed in and slew all the Orcs in the courtyard and were warned by a dying survivor that the Orcs were moving through the monastery to the heart of the mountain, a chamber deep below called The Nexus, which, if breached, the Orcs would be able to easily move their armies undetected through the mountains and overtake the defenders of the vale. Without a moment to spare, Last Shot fought their way through droves of Orcs, who were desecrating the temple of Moradin, much to Orsik’s rage. Another lone, dying survivor told Orsik about the control panel that opened the Nexus and that there was still a survivor below who knew it’s secrets: Kalad, a paladin of Moradin who acted as the guardian of the Nexus and knew the tunnels of Stonehome better than anyone. Last Shot continued on through the tunnels of the mountain and lost two of their companions in the process. Orsik’s faithful Warforged servant Bulwark, no longer able to sustain himself, shut down for good in the tunnels and became a permanent fixture in the temple. Shade, failing to make a very precarious jump in the deep caverns, fell to his death and was impaled on a stalagmite on the cavern floor.
Near the entrance of the area known as The Vents, the party met up with a new companion, a Dwarven battlemind who had been visiting the monastery for training when the Orcs attacked. He had survived for days in the tunnels and was hiding away to recuperate when the party found him. With a new ally in battle help, Last Shot entered into the Vents and found another Dwarf inside being savagely beaten by a hulking Orog and his Orc minions. Large fires blazed in the corners of the large chamber and Last Shot could hear the Orog shouting at the Dwarf in broken common to lead them to the Nexus or die. Before the Orog could beat the Dwarf anymore, Last Shot burst into the chamber and fought with the Orcs and their Orog leader and narrowly saved the Dwarf, who turned out to be the Paladin, Kalad. With Kalad alive and healed up by Orsik, the Dwarf was ready to waste no time in getting to the Nexus and sealing it off forever before the Orcs could uncover it’s secrets and undoubtedly bring about the Second Age of Chains.



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