Beneath the Shadows of Dragons

The Sky is the Beginning

The adventure begins with Orsik Battlehammer: cleric of Moradin who was labeled a heretic for his radical philosophies, and his second-rate but strong Warforged companion: Bulwark; both of whom were boarding the airship “The Sevenfold” at the airport of the black dragon continent of Stagnum. The Sevenfold was piloted by the charismatic captain Quark and his lieutenant Mr. Spook, who were en-route to the silver dragon continent of Argentum; rumored to be a safe haven for humanoids under the benevolent rule of the silver dragons. On the Sevenfold, Orsik and Bulwark meet with the other passengers, which included the fire Genasi mage Geral-Kai, the Changeling elemental warlock Jen, and another Changeling Shroud, an assassin of the Bronze-Scale guild. The distraught, angry, and melancholy passengers of the Sevenfold were a scathing reminder to the group of the hardships that humanoid races faced under the rule of dragons in the world.

Halfway during the long trip, the Sevenfold made a final stop on the green dragon continent of Carpasinus to pick up a high profile passenger: the Kenku business tycoon, Jonathan Livingston Salesgold, founder and CEO of the international Goldenbird market chain. Mr. Salesgold and his entourage of Kobold assistants quickly loaded a vast collection of valuables and cargo onto the Sevenfold, which took off once again into the skies for Argentum.

Following a slight mishap with the magical engine, (which Mr. Spook forgot to recharge,) that was quickly solved with a re-energizing bolt of lighting from Jen. A fierce storm cloud appeared as the ship came into sight of the blue dragon continent of Azorium. The terrible storm caused havoc on the ship: several passengers nearly fell over the edge and began to panic, (which Jen quickly squashed with her skills in intimidation,) The cargo hold began to flood from the unusually massive amounts of rain that poured onto the deck. After Orsik reasoned with Cpt. Quark, the captain made the call to dump the cargo in order to release the water in the hold, a decision that Mr. Salesgold was all too reluctant to agree to. A booming voice echoed in the clouds which claimed to be the great blue dragon Degneva, which none of the group had ever heard of, demanding that all the valuables be handed over for his hoard. Several strange clues eventually led the party to determine that they were being tricked and they engaged “Degneva” which turned out to be another airship piloted by a crew of goblin sky-pirates, led by the hobgoblin captain Hu-Jat. A fierce aerial battle ensued in which both ships sustained major cannon damage and several goblins plummeted hundreds of feet to their doom below in the ocean; including captain Hu-Jat. The last crewman of the ship, as a final means to spite the group, set up a series of bombs to destroy the airship Degneva and take the Sevenfold with it. Thinking quickly, the group each took a cannon and fired on the Degneva and pushed it back enough to avoid being caught in the blast; Garel nearly went overboard from the aftershock but was caught by captain Quark as he fell.

The group then pooled their magical energies to repair the magic engine on the Sevenfold, which had been badly damaged by cannon fire from the Degneva. Despite their best efforts, the crew lacked the time and materials to avoid the ship from going down, but the repairs did prevent a violent crash landing. Down below on the shores of Azorium, captain Quark requested help from the group by traveling north to the fishing village of Fishlick to obtain extra pipes, wood, and food to repair and restock the ship for its continued journey to Argentum. The party was accompanied by Jonathan Livingston Salesgold who they needed for his diplomatic abilities; after having traveled 15 miles up the shore, the group came across a sign which pointed the way to a place called Xehanort, which Garel knew to be a mining community. Deciding that getting all the supplies they needed might be easier to acquire in a mining town rather than a fishing village the group entered into the forest and continued up the old road toward Xehanort. Inside the forest, Jonathan discovered a fresh pool of water in the middle of a stagnant bog and the group decided to refill their water skins. The rest was short lived when globules of tainted ooze and a nasty Bullywug emerged to kill the party. The fight was easily won but, to the group’s surprise, a fledgling white dragon appeared and attacked. The group fought hard and finally defeated the baby dragon, which Orsik took plenty of delight in. Jonathan was nearly dumbstruck with horror at seeing a white dragon on the blue dragon continent, saying that “this shouldn’t be here, it isn’t possible.” Shroud lopped off the dragon’s head, which the party planned to present to the blues as a gift, believing that they might find favor with the blues for having killed an interloper on their territory. The questions were raised then as to how a white dragon could come so far from its home, but even more mysterious, how did it get through the magic barrier around the continents?



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