Jonathan Livingston Salesgold

Successful and witty Kenku entrepreneur and CEO of the internationally known Goldenbird market chain.


Jonathan Livingston Salesgold is a bird of many words. At an early age, the curious Kenku was fascinated by the marketplace and the fine arts of buying, selling, trading, and haggling. The third of seven children born into a relatively poor family, Jonathan learned the secrets of speech craft from the bustling streets of Pyropus; capital city of the copper dragon continent. As a young man, Jonathan was accepted into a school of business where he graduated with honors and soon took an apprenticeship under the gnome Rubel Frump, the royal treasurer of Cypreus. Jonathan worked his way up the ladder as an apprentice and eventually took the position of royal treasurer when Mr.Frump retired. Learning all the ins and outs of the monetary world, Jonathan became an accomplished accountant and had an eye for estimating and calculating; his creative accounting and knowledge of economics led to the historic economic reform of 1375 PS (post sundering). Following the death of the copper King Andramorios in 1381 PS and the coronation of Prince Andraemos, Jonathan retired from his post as treasurer and was replaced with a younger new treasurer that the Prince hand picked as part of his new royal council.

Acting on the dreams of his youth, Jonathan took his retirement money and made several investments into various imports and exports and finally established his first small business which he named Goldenbird Emporium. With his talent for negotiations and knowledge of business and money, the now middle aged Jonathan Livingston Salesgold was quick to make his business grow by leaps and bounds. Soon another Goldenbird Emporium popped up in another town, and then another, and another, until every major city and town in Cypreus had a Goldenbird Emporium in it. By 1393 PS, Goldenbird Emporiums were a household name with locations in every capital of the world and Jonathan Livingston Salesgold had become the head of a multi-billion gold empire. Unfortunately for Jonathan, each of the royal families of the 12 continents demanded millions of gold in taxes for having his businesses in their territories. Ever the quick witted and adamant businessman however, Jonathan has managed to not only survive the outrageous taxation of his business, but still managed to thrive through secret dealings with underground organizations that safeguard a large percentage of his earnings that he hides away. Those same rogue organizations are privy to his most “exclusive” of merchandise in their planned resistance against the dragons. Ionis’s “bird of salesmanship” is always on the wing and ready to provide his customers with the best that his business has to offer, and he has a LOT to offer.


Jonathan Livingston Salesgold

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