Dwarven Paladin of Moradin


Kalad is a devout paladin of Moradin and the one tasked by the temple of Moradin in the Stonehome mountains as the keeper of the Nexus, a secret underground chamber at the heart of the mountain that acts as a “backdoor” for the monastery. During the attack on the temple by the orcs, Kalad descended into the deepest reaches of the monastery and buried 2 of the 3 passages into the Nexus. As the orcs poured into the deep chambers, Kalad engaged the brutes but was, ultimately, captured and tortured for information and guidance into the Nexus. Kalad was saved by the adventuring group, the Best Shot and subsequently led them into the Nexus, where they battled with the leader of the orcs and his mysterious companion, a Shadar-Kai warlock who was feeding the orcs valuable information. Kalad and the Best Shot were able to kill the orc leader and drive out the remaining forces from the monastery and Kalad sealed off the Nexus permanently.

A very stoic and serious dwarf, Kalad is the epitome of devotion to his god Moradin. He is a skilled warrior with the battlehammer and is very knowledgeable. He tends to take his station too seriously sometimes to the point of over zealousness, but is always good to his friends and as honorable as any that can be found.



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