Beneath the Shadows of Dragons

The Siege

The party began their day with a trip to the capital of Argentum, Silverspire, where they would be granted an audience with the Silver Queen herself, Silvara. In the presence of a dragon lord, the tension felt by the party was palpable. Silvara, taking on the form of an Elf, tried to alleviate their fears, but to little avail. Having heard of the exploits of the party, now calling themselves, the Last Shot, Silvara implored them for their services in an urgent situation that was taking place in the eastern vale toward the mountains. Orc armies had begun a march through the mountain passes in an effort to overtake the Elsir Vale and initiate what would become the Second Age of Chains. The original Age of Chains was a time when Orcs ruled over the Elsir Vale and the Stonehome Mountains and all the inhabitants; mostly Elves and Dwarves, were their slaves.
Last Shot agreed to travel to the city of Overlook, where the main defensive forces were occupied, and help in repelling the Orc invaders. Last Shot bid a farewell to their friend Jonathan Livingston Salesgold, who had his business to attend to, and left immediately for the Elsir Vale, and the city of Overlook. In the shadow of the Stonehome Mountains, Last Shot were greeted by the Mayor of Overlook, Elder Cadrick. The situation was laid out and the mission was made clear for them, get into the Temple of Moradin in the mountains and stop any incursions by the Orcs. While in Overlook, Last Shot met another adventuring party of mercenaries, The Free Riders, led by the stoic Dwarven cleric, Ragnum Dourstone, who was once a citizen of Overlook. Ragnum gave Last Shot the tour of Overlook, and as night approached, he took them to one of Overlook’s finest inns, where the party feasted and rested comfortably before the mission that loomed ahead the next day.
At first light, Last Shot took off towards the Stonehome Mountains and began the arduous climb to the temple of Moradin. After a tussle with some highwaymen, Last Shot reunited with the Free Riders, who were on a mission of their own in the mountains. Ragnum gave Orsik one of his maps of the mountains to help them navigate to the temple, and wished them good luck and good fortune in their mission. When they finally arrived at the temple, they found that the Orcs had already laid siege to the grounds and executed all the clerics, priests, monks, and apprentices within; Orcs around large fires were eating Dwarf-flesh as it cooked over the flames. Last Shot rushed in and slew all the Orcs in the courtyard and were warned by a dying survivor that the Orcs were moving through the monastery to the heart of the mountain, a chamber deep below called The Nexus, which, if breached, the Orcs would be able to easily move their armies undetected through the mountains and overtake the defenders of the vale. Without a moment to spare, Last Shot fought their way through droves of Orcs, who were desecrating the temple of Moradin, much to Orsik’s rage. Another lone, dying survivor told Orsik about the control panel that opened the Nexus and that there was still a survivor below who knew it’s secrets: Kalad, a paladin of Moradin who acted as the guardian of the Nexus and knew the tunnels of Stonehome better than anyone. Last Shot continued on through the tunnels of the mountain and lost two of their companions in the process. Orsik’s faithful Warforged servant Bulwark, no longer able to sustain himself, shut down for good in the tunnels and became a permanent fixture in the temple. Shade, failing to make a very precarious jump in the deep caverns, fell to his death and was impaled on a stalagmite on the cavern floor.
Near the entrance of the area known as The Vents, the party met up with a new companion, a Dwarven battlemind who had been visiting the monastery for training when the Orcs attacked. He had survived for days in the tunnels and was hiding away to recuperate when the party found him. With a new ally in battle help, Last Shot entered into the Vents and found another Dwarf inside being savagely beaten by a hulking Orog and his Orc minions. Large fires blazed in the corners of the large chamber and Last Shot could hear the Orog shouting at the Dwarf in broken common to lead them to the Nexus or die. Before the Orog could beat the Dwarf anymore, Last Shot burst into the chamber and fought with the Orcs and their Orog leader and narrowly saved the Dwarf, who turned out to be the Paladin, Kalad. With Kalad alive and healed up by Orsik, the Dwarf was ready to waste no time in getting to the Nexus and sealing it off forever before the Orcs could uncover it’s secrets and undoubtedly bring about the Second Age of Chains.

Fallen Saint

Having finished off Urwol in the forge, the party moved forward into the Saint workshop where they bypassed a pair of angry yeti guards in the mess hall. Hoping to achieve victory through subterfuge, Shroud disguised himself as Urwol and attempted to fool a contingent of Nicholas Saint’s elves. The plan was going swimmingly until the ruse was seen through after the party inadvertently set off a trap in the courtyard outside of the main laboratory. The Saint elves moved into the courtyard and engaged the party in battle, but the party (and the many trapped pressure plates strewn about the courtyard) proved to be more than the poorly trained elves could handle.
Nicholas Saint furiously worked on what appeared to be a massive golem in his darkened laboratory. Both the party and Nicholas’ own son Christoph tried to reason with him, but the apparent madness and fear stricken paranoia that had taken over Saint’s mind was too great. The final piece of Nicholas’s “ultimate weapon” was a malevolent object that pulsed with evil magic: the heart of an elemental dragon. Nicholas revealed that he was contacted by a mysterious man he called Kalgore who had given him irrefutable proof that the world was soon to come to an end at the hands of the resurrected elemental dragons (primordial creations that warred with Io’s dragons during the dawn war and had supposedly been eradicated). The party tried to stop the activation of the golem, but Saint had an escape plan prepared and got away to an underground area where he completed the installation of the elemental heart and manned the golem from the inside and fought the party. The golem was strong but, against the combined might of the party, fell short of expectation as Saint’s ultimate weapon.
Saint was desperate to survive and in a last ditch effort, took out of vial that contained what Garel identified as dragon blood. Nicholas swallowed down the blood and took the elemental heart in hand. The heart began to sink into his body and fused with him, transforming him into the first elemental dragon, a blazewyrm, that Ionis had seen in over a millennium. As the newly transformed dragon began to stalk the party, the true genius of the golem came to life as a self repair sequence started and the golem also began to transform and evolve into a more advanced and deadlier form. The party now faced the duo of the transformed Nicholas Saint and the now fully repaired golem. The blazewyrm’s power allowed it to create fire elementals that joined in the fight against the party and it scorched the room from corner to corner. The combination of two powerful enemies was the first real challenge the party had encountered since their fight with Szartharax in the mines. Perseverance and superior tactics, however, were what led to the downfall of the golem and dragon. Before the golem could repair again, Christoph removed the special component that his father created to give the golem it’s self repair and adaptation ability and silenced the creation for good. Christoph mourned the loss of his father and had him buried at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean, he recounted in his eulogy how his father used to call him Santa because of a misspelling on his birth certificate, and felt that it would be a fitting name to take in honor of his father. Saint’s Day was renamed Christmas and the work to rebuild the workshop and honor of his family’s legacy began. With no more business at Santa’s workshop, the party retired back to Jonathan Salesgold’s mansion and planned to meet with Silvara, the queen of the Silver Dragon’s, the next day.

The Saint's Day Massacre
Oh the Ho, Ho, Horror!!
With the young white dragon Szartharax defeated and the Xehanort mine cleared of the Skull-Kicker Kobolds, the party returned to the surface where they informed the mayor and the townspeople of the dragon and the immense treasure hoard below. The party and the townspeople celebrated their good fortune at the Rock Salt Inn with food and drink before a wagon filled with pipes and wood planks was presented as the agreed upon reward. The party ventured back to the beach and decided to make their way into the fishing town of Fishlic where they managed to haggle their way to several barrels of fish, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters for the Sevenfold. The party was soon joined by a new face, Orsik’s brother Waywind, who had followed Orsik’s trail in order to bring him back home. Orsik refused to return, citing that his mission was a divine calling of Moradin, Waywind acquiesced and agreed to join his brother on his quest. Upon returning to the Sevenfold, repairs were quickly made and the Sevenfold was airborne again the following morning and on its way toward the Silver dragon continent of Argentum. As the trip progressed, Captain Quark had decorations set out for the annual Saint’s Day celebration. Saint’s Day was a rather new holiday founded by Nicholas Saint, CEO of the Saint Corporation, a rival business of Jonathan Livingston Salesgold’s Goldenbird Industries. Nicholas Saint created Saint’s Day as a promotional stunt to boost sales by presenting gifts to the children of the world on one special day. Interested in meeting with Nicholas Saint, Jonathan agreed to take the party to Saint’s “Workshop” on the peak of the nearby mountain. The party settled into Jonathan’s Argentum estate (having an estate on EVERY continent), and the next, snowy, morning, the party took off up the mountain via horse-drawn sleigh. When they reached the Workshop they were greeted by a gruesome sight of dead elves and blood stained snow. Before Jonathan could enter into the Workshop, the party were attacked by four bloodthirsty Peryton, Nicholas’ deer-like pets that were normally docile and friendly. The party were forced to put down the Peryton and then entered into the Workshop; the inside was dark and foreboding, and when Jonathan found the lights, the found only more death and destruction inside the wrecked workshop. As the party continued into the workshop, they found a figure cowering under a mound of gift wrapping; the figure was in fact Christoph Saint, the son of Nicholas Saint. Christoph had survived the massacre of his father’s servants and told the party that his father had been slowly descending into madness over the year over a prophetic vision of doom. The Saint Corporation had abandoned it’s former ways to start up weapons manufacturing in order to combat the eventual doom that Nicholas foresaw. The party knew that Nicholas Saint was too far gone down the path of madness to be brought back and reluctantly told Christoph that his father must be put down. Christoph saw the reasoning in their decision and agreed that it was for the best and pointed out the way to his father. The next wing of the Workshop was a great forge were a Dwarf was busily at work creating weapons. When the party entered into the forge, Urwol, the master smith, hurled a mighty greatsword at the party and locked the doors as he called out a small band of goblins, elves, and three fire elementals that he pounded out from magically infused coals at his forge. A series of conveyor belts were activated that dumped all the garbage and rejected weapons into a pit of viscous acid, (a horrible reminder to the Battlehammer brothers of their past experiences on Stagnum.)
Clearing Out Kobold Mine

The group, having just finished off the white dragon wyrmling, decided to hide the corpse in the bog where it would never be seen by any travelers. Continuing onward up the mountain, the party reached the mining town of Xehanort where obvious mining inactivity alerted the group to possible trouble. Entering into the Rocksalt Tavern, the party was able to gather that the mine had been overrun by the once diminutive Skull-Kicker Kobold tribe. The town of Xehanort was fast approaching the day of it’s monthly tribute to Aasterinian, the Blue Queen, and the invasion of the Kobolds had put their operation far behind schedule. The party proceeded to speak to the mayor of Xehanort and learned of the existence of a mysterious white garbed young man who had went down into the mines some weeks ago before the invasion of the Kobolds into the mines. A stone carver was able to quickly carve out a bust of the man and Shroud used his changeling ability to mimic the man perfectly. The next day, the party descended into the Xehanort mines, (which the Kobolds had come to call Kobold Hall), and found that the Skull Kicker tribe had been booby trapping the tunnels and working the stone into straight walls to resemble a temple to Tiamat. The party fought their way through several of the Skull Kicker Kobolds who had been desecrating and robbing the tombs of the past foremen of the mines that had been buried inside. The party returned all the treasure to each coffin in kind and destroyed a small altar to Tiamat that the kobolds had erected. When the party came across an “arena” that the Kobolds had created, they met with the white garbed man face to face. The man had orchestrated the Kobold invasion and, under his leadership, had become a well organized group that easily overtook the miners. Despite Shroud’s convincing efforts to fool the Kobolds with his disguise, the white garbed man proved his identity through an intense blast of cold breath that froze one of the Kobolds solid. The party endured a “game” of Skull-Skull, where they were pelted with a magical stone skull by the Kobolds who were safely out of the party’s reach on their platform. The game was ended when the combined efforts of the group broke down the double doors to the other side and the Kobolds were quickly eradicated.

Finally entering the mine proper, the party followed the trail of the white garbed man by proceeding deeper into the mine via mine carts. The Kobold chieftain and the last remnants of the Skull-Kicker tribe followed after and a perilous battle ensued on the fast moving mine carts. The party was successful in holding their own against the chief and his minions who all plummeted to their deaths in the underground abyss. The party finally reached the “lair” of the white garbed man and found it brimming with gold, silver, and jewels from wall to wall. The hoard of treasure was enough to fulfill the town’s monthly tribute requirement, but the white garbed man was loathe to give it up without a fight. With a terrible roar, the white garbed man revealed himself as a young white dragon who called himself Szartharax. As the battle ensued, the party discovered that Szartharax was the elder brother of the white wyrmling that they had killed only the day before, which enraged Szartharax to near insanity. Szartharax and his brother had found a small hole in the magic barrier around the white dragon continent and escaped into wilds and entered into the Blue Dragon continent through a similar “hole.” As the battle continued, stalactites rained down from the ceiling and threatened both Szartharax and the party. Ultimately, a lone stalactite impaled Szartharax through the skull and ended his would be reign within the mines of Xehanort. The party partook of some of the stolen treasures that Szartharax had hidden in a chest and prepared to return to the surface to alert the miners that the mine was clear and that a massive treasure hoard waited below.
The Sky is the Beginning

The adventure begins with Orsik Battlehammer: cleric of Moradin who was labeled a heretic for his radical philosophies, and his second-rate but strong Warforged companion: Bulwark; both of whom were boarding the airship “The Sevenfold” at the airport of the black dragon continent of Stagnum. The Sevenfold was piloted by the charismatic captain Quark and his lieutenant Mr. Spook, who were en-route to the silver dragon continent of Argentum; rumored to be a safe haven for humanoids under the benevolent rule of the silver dragons. On the Sevenfold, Orsik and Bulwark meet with the other passengers, which included the fire Genasi mage Geral-Kai, the Changeling elemental warlock Jen, and another Changeling Shroud, an assassin of the Bronze-Scale guild. The distraught, angry, and melancholy passengers of the Sevenfold were a scathing reminder to the group of the hardships that humanoid races faced under the rule of dragons in the world.

Halfway during the long trip, the Sevenfold made a final stop on the green dragon continent of Carpasinus to pick up a high profile passenger: the Kenku business tycoon, Jonathan Livingston Salesgold, founder and CEO of the international Goldenbird market chain. Mr. Salesgold and his entourage of Kobold assistants quickly loaded a vast collection of valuables and cargo onto the Sevenfold, which took off once again into the skies for Argentum.

Following a slight mishap with the magical engine, (which Mr. Spook forgot to recharge,) that was quickly solved with a re-energizing bolt of lighting from Jen. A fierce storm cloud appeared as the ship came into sight of the blue dragon continent of Azorium. The terrible storm caused havoc on the ship: several passengers nearly fell over the edge and began to panic, (which Jen quickly squashed with her skills in intimidation,) The cargo hold began to flood from the unusually massive amounts of rain that poured onto the deck. After Orsik reasoned with Cpt. Quark, the captain made the call to dump the cargo in order to release the water in the hold, a decision that Mr. Salesgold was all too reluctant to agree to. A booming voice echoed in the clouds which claimed to be the great blue dragon Degneva, which none of the group had ever heard of, demanding that all the valuables be handed over for his hoard. Several strange clues eventually led the party to determine that they were being tricked and they engaged “Degneva” which turned out to be another airship piloted by a crew of goblin sky-pirates, led by the hobgoblin captain Hu-Jat. A fierce aerial battle ensued in which both ships sustained major cannon damage and several goblins plummeted hundreds of feet to their doom below in the ocean; including captain Hu-Jat. The last crewman of the ship, as a final means to spite the group, set up a series of bombs to destroy the airship Degneva and take the Sevenfold with it. Thinking quickly, the group each took a cannon and fired on the Degneva and pushed it back enough to avoid being caught in the blast; Garel nearly went overboard from the aftershock but was caught by captain Quark as he fell.

The group then pooled their magical energies to repair the magic engine on the Sevenfold, which had been badly damaged by cannon fire from the Degneva. Despite their best efforts, the crew lacked the time and materials to avoid the ship from going down, but the repairs did prevent a violent crash landing. Down below on the shores of Azorium, captain Quark requested help from the group by traveling north to the fishing village of Fishlick to obtain extra pipes, wood, and food to repair and restock the ship for its continued journey to Argentum. The party was accompanied by Jonathan Livingston Salesgold who they needed for his diplomatic abilities; after having traveled 15 miles up the shore, the group came across a sign which pointed the way to a place called Xehanort, which Garel knew to be a mining community. Deciding that getting all the supplies they needed might be easier to acquire in a mining town rather than a fishing village the group entered into the forest and continued up the old road toward Xehanort. Inside the forest, Jonathan discovered a fresh pool of water in the middle of a stagnant bog and the group decided to refill their water skins. The rest was short lived when globules of tainted ooze and a nasty Bullywug emerged to kill the party. The fight was easily won but, to the group’s surprise, a fledgling white dragon appeared and attacked. The group fought hard and finally defeated the baby dragon, which Orsik took plenty of delight in. Jonathan was nearly dumbstruck with horror at seeing a white dragon on the blue dragon continent, saying that “this shouldn’t be here, it isn’t possible.” Shroud lopped off the dragon’s head, which the party planned to present to the blues as a gift, believing that they might find favor with the blues for having killed an interloper on their territory. The questions were raised then as to how a white dragon could come so far from its home, but even more mysterious, how did it get through the magic barrier around the continents?

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